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City of Orlando Turns to Derive Idle Efficiency to Achieve Sustainability Goal

The City of Orlando, Florida, has put Derive Efficiency’s fuel saving technology at the forefront of its 15-year fuel reduction and sustainability initiative. Fleet Manager Daryl Greenlee recently launched a program pairing all new vehicles purchased by the City of Orlando with Derive’s optimized calibrations.

As part of his Green Works Orlando sustainability initiative, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer pledged to make the city’s fleet fully sustainable by 2030. Greenlee knew he needed more solutions to meet this goal. The City of Orlando had recently been named one of the 100 Best Fleets in North America, and Greenlee wanted to find low cost ways to improve fuel economy and lower emissions that would maintain a high level of vehicle performance, reliability and readiness.

Working closely with Amy Dobrikova of Intelligent Fleet Solutions, a Derive reseller and Fleet Advisor, Greenlee piloted Derive technology, and the results were promising. So much so that The City of Orlando has now taken delivery on the first 100 optimized calibrations out of a 1,000-unit order.

“Derive’s technology will be an integral part of our push to sustainability,” says Greenlee. “Their approach to fuel economy has allowed us to begin implementation quickly and within our budget, and we’ve already seen great results for our police fleet.”

Specifically, Derive’s technology uses a handheld programmer to access the vehicle’s OBDII port and deliver a tailored calibration to the engine so that idle fuel consumption is optimized, saving hundreds per vehicle. By calibrating key parameters to better suit the way The City of Orlando uses its vehicles, Fleet Manager Greenlee could see fuel cost savings of up to 12% annually.

Just as important, the fleet will see a reduction in its carbon footprint and get longer life from its vehicles, meaning they’ll be well on their way to their sustainability goal.

To learn more about Derive’s idle efficiency technology and how it can help your fleet get more green, visit or visit

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